Clients & Suppliers

Create a new client and set automated invoice reminders for overdue invoices and set invoice late fee charges.

  • Create new client
  • Export your clients report
  • Export aging report
  • Set client late fee charges
  • Set client automated invoice reminders

Product & Material

Add new product and material on system and keep track of product & material availability in real-time.

  • Create new product and materials
  • Update product quantity, price, and more
  • Product & Material bulk importing
  • Track product & material stock

Order Management

Generate purchase and sale orders and automatically update your inventory.

  • Create new sale and purchase orders
  • Update purchase orders
  • Order bulk importing
  • Trace order status

Inventory Reporting

Export and share Inventory reports in excel or PDF format and trace batches, materials, expiry dates, and more in real-time.

  • Sales order reports
  • Purchase order reports
  • Client & Suppliers reports
  • Product & Material Reports
  • Inventory Reports

Request Portal

Master your purchase order requests with advanced planning and scheduling. Enable access for non-users to request purchase orders using the public request portal.

  • submit purchase order request
  • Client can view request status
  • Client request confirmation
  • Update inventory request