Employee Management

Create employees with personal information, contact details, and upload qualification and identity documents.Create new teams/departments with the team leader and add employees reporting to the allocated team leader.Ndango generates a company org chart based on created teams.

  • Create new employee
  • Upload employee documents
  • Assign employee to team
  • View company org-chart

Employment Contract

Create a fixed and permanent contract for new employees and. Specify contract type, start date, and final exit date if applicable.

  • Create employment contracts
  • Add employee service hours

Profile & Position

With ndango HR you can create company job profiles and department positions. Ndango allows you to add profile required skills, responsibilities, qualifications, and profile benefits. Create profile leave days per Week, Month, Or Year.

  • Create new job profile
  • Create new position
  • Position requirements and responsibilities
  • Group positions by teams

Leave Management

Employees can apply for leave on mobile app or online, check available leave days, and upload sick notes if applicable.Management can approve or reject employee's leave applications. Ndango will send notifications to employee colleagues.Capture or import company weekdays and holidays.

  • Apply for a leave
  • Leave approval
  • Leave balance / days
  • Company holidays / Events


Post internal and external jobs and employees can apply on ndango self-service mobile app or online. Approve job application for interview and ndango will send interview invitation email with interview instructions. Hire new staff for successful candidates or reject applicants after the Interview.

  • Create new vacancy
  • List available vacancy
  • Job applications
  • Interviews
  • New Hires

Training Development

Create training for employees and attach a video or pdf presentation. You can upload training questions for every lesson and let the system rate employee's answers based on assessment scores. Send an invitation to multiple employees with a single click and ndango will send an invitation email to selected employees.

  • Create new employee training
  • List completed trainings
  • Training assessment