Create a new client and set automated invoice reminders for overdue invoices and set invoice late fee charges.

  • Create new client
  • Export your clients report
  • Export aging report
  • Set client late fee charges
  • Set client automated invoice reminders

Income & Expense

Keep all company expenses on the system and generate company Income and expense reports.

  • Create company income
  • Create company expenses
  • List company incomes and generate report
  • List company expenses and generate report

Invoice & Payments

Create invoices and set automated recurring monthly invoices and save time for manually creating invoices. Ndango will send automated emails to clients on the specified day of a month.

  • Create new invoice
  • Create new payment
  • Send invoice to client with automated email
  • Print invoice

Working capital

Manage company inventory, generate profit/loss report, balance sheet, and manage company cash flow. Create an aging report for each client and track their payment record.

  • Create new inventory
  • Generate weekly Inventory report
  • Manage company cashflow
  • Profit / Loss report


Create your company year forecast for income, subscription, Operational cost, Salaries, Cost of sales, Asset, Investment, and Inventory.

  • Monthly income forecast
  • Monthly operational cost
  • Staff salaries & pensions
  • Cost of sales -Direct cost for a group of products
  • Assets a business owns
  • Investments the business makes
  • Inventory - Buy stock for a group of products


Keep track of product quantity and receive daily product updates. Add discount to applicable products/services.

  • Create product/service your company provides
  • Generate product reports
  • Upload product images